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We are excited to announce that we have partnered with The Lactation Network to bill some insurance companies directly for lactation visits.  They are currently billing the following insurance:   Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas PPO, Anthem PPO, Cigna PPO and United Healthcare PPO.  If you have any of the above insurance coverage please register to get pre approval before you schedule your appointment.

Lactation Consult, 90 Minutes, $225

Includes assessment of Mom & Baby, pre-and-post feed weights as appropriate, individualized lactation plan, communication with OB and Pediatrician as appropriate. 

Follow Up Consult, 60 minute, $175 *

Repeat appointment for previous clients, may include above services as appropriate.

* Rates will increase based on time if appointment exceeds one hour, charged in 15-minute increments.

Twin Consult - 2 - 2.5 hours, $325

Includes services in lactation consult for both babies.

Prenatal or Back to Work Consult, 45 Minutes, $75 

Answer questions that Mom has regarding breastfeeding, pumping, etc. Customized for each client's individual concerns.

Phone Consult, 15-30 Minutes, $30 - $60

Answer ongoing questions for established clients only.


We are excited to have partnered with The Lactation Network to bill some insurance companies directly for lactation visits. They are currently covering Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas PPO, Anthem PPO and Cigna PPO.  All others, please be aware that our practice requires payment at the time of service.  We are not a provider on any insurance plan.  Clients will be provided with insurance codes and tax ID information to submit for reimbursement.

Filing with insurance is recommended

For all other insurance from the ones listed above, clients are responsible for pursuing reimbursement for lactation services from their insurance company.  Reimbursement is not guaranteed, but filing is recommended.

Our office

Is located inside of 411  Pediatrics in the Westlake area of Austin. You DO NOT have to be a patient of the practice to seek our services. We will send a detailed report of our visit to your pediatrician (and OB if necessary).  

Gift Certificates

Request a Lactation Consult Gift Certificate from your friends and family.  This will be the best gift you will ever receive!  Gift certificate may be purchased by contacting us.

Breast Pump Rental

We rent Medela Symphony Breast Pumps, and have limited retail of breastfeeding as well as pump accessories.


Pump Rental (prices do not include tax)

  • Weekly                                                      $25

  • Monthly                                                     $75

  • Three Month                                             $210

  • Six Months                                               $390

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