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Helina was truly my angel!  She made breastfeeding a joy instead of a chore.  My son just turned 1 and now I do not want to quit breastfeeding.  Helina's calm demeanor, knowledge and care helped us make it to where we are now.  I could not have done it without her.  I urge all my new mom friends to go see her.

Leigh L.

Breast-feeding was always a dream of mine, and your consultation helped me achieve it!

Genevieve K.

“You were so instrumental in helping Eleanor and me get started on the right foot. I am proud to say that despite working full time and traveling often for my cases, I was able to breastfeed Eleanor for a whole year! We are weaning right now. I am so proud of us! And we couldn't have done it without you. I so appreciate all of your help, support, and positivity along the way. Breastfeeding is not easy and you were a great ally as we navigated the challenges along the way!”

Cory T.

Helina is just what a new, breastfeeding mom needs! She is both comforting and knowledgeable and was helpful with advice without giving any impression of judgment or added pressure. We spoke several times throughout my breastfeeding year with gracious advise on everything from latch, to over supply, to successful nursing, to weaning! Breastfeeding was both the most difficult and most rewarding part of the process and I wouldn't have made it without Helina's support.

Allie B.

I continue to recommend Helina to my pregnant friends. She was an invaluable resource when my son was born. He was having trouble latching, my milk didn't come in for 10 days and he was dropping in weight. Navigating this as a first time mom was emotional and frustrating. Helina was understanding and logical (and not judgmental at all which was very refreshing). I was extremely impressed with the level of follow up texts and calls (no matter what time of day or night). If you are a new mom, I would schedule a consult with her as soon as you get home from the hospital.

Jessica C.

"You were a lifesaver. I exceeded my breast-feeding goal thanks to you."

Ashley P.

We first came to visit Helina when my son was less than a week old. She educated us, assisted us with techniques and boosted my confidence as a new mother. She helped us achieve a good latch, and it's been smooth sailing since. Last week at 8 weeks I had a clogged milk duct and called Helina for advise. She was quick to call me back and walked me through a treatment plan. She followed up with emailed written instructions and contacted me again a week later to check on us! Helina has been a precious caregiver and had provided a priceless service helping us master breastfeeding. I highly recommend her as a provider.

Lani D.

"You were a tremendous help and we are most grateful to you." 

Tawny T.

If you are looking for a lactation consultant, look no further than Kiran Hahn.  Kiran is knowledgeable, supportive and encouraging.  I have used and known many other lactation consultants and have never had the positive experience I had with Kiran.  My 7 week old daughter and I have been suffering with thrush for over a month and have seen more than one doctor for medication with no relief.  Kiran was able to make more suggestions and help me come up with a new game plan for us.  I highly recommend giving Kiran a call for all of your breastfeeding questions or issues.

Chris F.

I'm so glad I found Kiran. She helped me when my newborn was having latch issues, and then again when I was having supply issues. She is caring, professional, and thorough. She identified our issues and provided useful advice that helped my baby and I get through a tough and painful patch. 9 months later I am proud and happy to say we are still breastfeeding! Also, what sets her apart from every medical professional I've seen, she follows up with you by email after your office visit to review what you discussed in detail.  This is sooooo helpful when you are sleep deprived and trying to jungle so many things with a new baby. I recommend Kiran a 1000x over.

Nora U.

Kiran provided great help beyond the norm. She knew a lot about hormonal issues and other issues that often arise as mothers start to discuss weaning. I would recommend her for any lactation needs you might have!


I am a hospital Labor & Delivery nurse who teaches women how to breastfeed FOR A LIVING and I absolutely would have quit breastfeeding at week 3 if I hadn't found Kiran at Austin Milk Made. Breastfeeding was surprisingly way harder, more complicated, more emotional and more confusing than I anticipated, even with preparation. I was overwhelmed, in pain, and exhausted. Every day I was telling myself I would quit tomorrow. The latch pain was more than making my toes curl. It was more painful than natural childbirth...and this had to happen every three hours! We were referred to Kiran by my midwife (Nurture) and got in that day. She got right to business - shirts off! We weighed baby before and after a supervised feed, did a pump session to estimate milk supply. Kiran gave lots of positive reinforcement and firm gentle guidance. She had answers to all my questions. I instantly felt like a weight was off my shoulders because a calm specialist was taking care of things. I saw her three times and each time there was improvement, until finally there was complete success: a happy baby, a happy mom... and now here I am still breastfeeding at 13 months. I'm so thankful to Kiran because without her I would have quit and missed all the best parts of breastfeeding. 

Maureen H.

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